How to Explore More of the Local Food Scene When Traveling


Food experiences are among the best takeaways from any trip. More so if you travel to destinations that have some of the most amazing cuisines in the world. And yet, many travelers miss out on the opportunity to immerse more on the local food scene for varied reasons. If you want to explore more of what gastronomic delights are in store for you when traveling, here are some ideas on how to taste more of the local flavors every place you go has to offer.

Ask for recommendations from friends

Ask for recommendations from people you know who may have been to the city you will visit. You can specifically inquire about food places where locals go or any memorable hole in the wall they may have discovered on their trips. People’s first hand experiences with local restaurants can give you more insights as to what you can expect from the places they recommend.

Explore the local restaurants

Focus on the local food scene instead of eating out at international chain restaurants or other food establishments that offer you the same things you can find at home. While eating food you are familiar with can bring some measure of comfort when you are away from home, it also robs you of the chance to get a taste of the local cuisines.

Experience the street food scene

Street food is increasingly becoming popular among travelers. There are many cities around the world that have vibrant street food hubs. You can find traditional food as well as the local’s take on international cuisines that may surprise you with their goodness.

Sign up for food tours

Food tours are also among the most fun ways to experience more of the local cuisines. You can a wide array of food-related tours such as those focusing on traditional dishes, exotic finds, beer or wine, chocolates, pastries, and more.

Dine in a local’s home

Eating at locals’ homes has been a growing trend for some years now. There are now plenty of websites and phone apps you can use to book a meal with a local in the place you will visit. You can even arrange to have party with locals and friends or a quiet meal of homemade local dishes. With some hosts, you can even make special requests such as the dishes you like or ingredients you want. By dining with locals at their homes, you get a chance not just to sample traditional foods prepared right at home. You also get an opportunity to have interesting conversations with your hosts.

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